Bespoke Tutoring

Can’t understand the concepts of “Function’s composite and inverse?” Or do you think you would never be able to get the fundamentals of “Integration by Substitution?” Maths Coach Academy is only one of the few tutoring academies supporting topic-based tutoring to ensure our students can understand any Maths topic and help them ace it.

At MCA, we provide specialized bespoke tutoring, or any help related to any topics you find complex or confusing.

Specialized Tutors:

Our tutors are qualified teachers who have the experience and the training to help our students with specialized topics. We understand the curriculum and how to progress various types of learners and abilities.

We first try to understand the issues they face and then work with our students to make sure they grasp the concept and subsequently ace it.

Our mission is to add value to a pupil's learning curve.

Bespoke Study Material:

To overcome the fear of any Maths topic and build confidence, we provide tailored-made lessons suited to your needs and as per your ability skill.

Tutoring as per your pace:

Though all our tutors work as per the speed of our students, however for bespoke lessons, we strictly move as per your rate, which means till the time you have not understood the concept completely, we will not move ahead. We will even adapt to the teaching methods you are most comfortable with.

Mock exams and tests:

Once you are comfortable and have grasped the subject, we will help build up your confidence through specially designed mock exams and exercise sheets.

Why Our Tutors?

Knowledgeable and expert Team:

Our tutors have years of experience working with KS3- KS5 level students. They consist of Head of Mathematics, Key Stage Lead Teachers and even Deputy Head Teachers. They have complete knowledge of the subject and know how to work with students of different ability levels. The right tutor can understand students' strengths and weaknesses and consider them while using various teaching methods and tools. And this is something which gives us an edge over the others

Criteria-based allocation of Tutors:

The way we pair our tutors with our students is based on specific criteria such as preference, age, personality, and knowledge to ensure all our students feel comfortable and safe with their assigned tutors.

Understanding of local curriculum:

The local tutors we work with understand your local school curriculum and adapt their teaching methods to their students' needs. Most importantly, we're with your family every step of the way to guide you through these uncertain times.

DBS Checked:

We take the safety of our students very seriously; hence all our tutors are DBS checked, making sure you have peace of mind while they work with your children.

Flexibility to accommodate more classes if need be:

If required, our Tutors can even accommodate extra tutoring based on your needs, especially if your children are preparing for some exams or need extra help.