Private Tuition

Why Private Tuition?

One to one Sessions:

It has been proved that it's easier for some children to learn in a one-to-one session than in a group for the simple reason that a tutor can pay more attention. Also, some children find it easier to learn once they have developed a connection with their tutor, which sometimes can be missing in a group.

Customised learning plan:

Our one-to-one sessions allows for tutors to work at the pace of students. The tailored tutoring plans and resources help build up their confidence as the customised sessions are not only easy to follow but also enjoyable.

Lasting learning success:

Tutoring with us prepares our students for success in Maths, making them more receptive. It has been observed that success in one subject can motivate them to do better in others and thus set them up for success in the long run.

Flexible Hours:

One-to-one tutoring lets our students plan their lessons per their schedule, which may become hard with group sessions.

Why Our Tutors?

Knowledgeable and expert Team:

Our tutors have years of experience working with KS3- KS5 level students. They have complete knowledge of the subject and know how to work with students of different ability levels. The right tutor can understand students' strengths and weaknesses and consider them while using various teaching methods and tools. And this is something that gives us an edge over the others.

Criteria-based allocation of Tutors:

We pair our tutors with our students based on specific criteria such as preference, age, personality, and knowledge to ensure all our students feel comfortable and safe with their assigned tutors.

Understanding of local curriculum:

We work with the local tutors to understand your local school curriculum and adapt their teaching methods to their students' needs. Most importantly, we're with you every step of the way to guide you through these uncertain times.

DBS Checked:

We take the safety of our students very seriously; hence all our tutors are DBS checked, making sure you have peace of mind while they work with your children.

Flexibility to accommodate more classes if need be:

If required, our Tutors can even accommodate extra tutoring based on our students' requirements, especially if they are preparing for some exams or need extra help.