What we do

We at Maths Coaching Academy can help you achieve the Maths proficiency levels you have always dreamt of for your children or you.

We could help you in many ways:

1. Help improve academic Performance:

With our experienced tutors and tailor-made lessons, we can help our students achieve Math proficiency, enabling them to achieve academic success.

2. Improve learning attitude:

We don't believe in "One size fits all methodology." Our lessons are made as per the ability levels and speed of our students. In the long run, it can also help them improve their attitude towards learning, more so when students start enjoying while learning.

3. Provide Customised learning experience:

Whether it is a group setting or one-to-one session, our Tutors pay individual attention to all our students, which is not always possible in a classroom setting. It not only makes our students feel heard, but it also helps them to understand the subject.

4. Build up Confidence:

We teach our students and even train them to take exams through mock tests and customized test papers. It helps build up their confidence and tackle questions easily in a real test scenario.

5. Teaching to be independent:

With our regular tutoring and work assignments, our students develop a sense of responsibility to help them work independently and be accountable for their performance. It will not only help them in the future it will also significantly reduce your workload.

6. Instil Discipline:

Our regular tutoring sessions also help instil discipline in our students. Knowing they have to be there for their classes at a specific time and finish their assignments helps them develop discipline, which is essential for success in any field.

7. Help Overcome learning issues:

We have specially planned bespoke tutoring plans for students who find specific topics quite tricky to learn. It helps them overcome different aspects of learning.

8. Help at hand at all hours:

Facing problems with your homework or not able to understand the new concepts? We are available to our students through email, and they can seek guidance from us at any time. Hence, they don't have to worry about whom to turn to if they feel stuck while doing Maths.

9. Challenging Abilities:

Since we work very closely with our students, we can assess their abilities and plan their lessons based on their skill levels. We can help bored, and under-stimulated students reach their potential before they lose their interest completely.

10. Helping your child prepare for college:

We help our students prepare for college by enhancing their skills, teaching them time management, and developing specific study materials. We can help polish their existing skills and develop new skills necessary for success in any exam.